Smoking is frowned upon in many parts of American society. You'll feel like a pariah if you light up a cigarette in a bar, diner or restaurant, and even friends won't let you smoke in their home or car. Explaining that you're smoking marijuana for medical reasons will have no effect on their attitude. That means you're restricted to smoking it in your own home, or in the home of other people who also smoke marijuana.
We realised that this social unacceptability was putting a lot of people off using marijuana for medical reasons, as well as being damaging to the long-term health of people who do smoke it. That's why we invested all our time and energy into creating marijuana gum.
Our 'Happy Gum' comes in two fantastic flavors, orange and cool mint. The packaging is attractive and stylish, and each pack contains 8 sticks so you'll get superb value for your money. You'll be proud to carry it around, and it means that you can enjoy your marijuana whenever you need to, wherever you are.
Our revolutionary gum contains the same combination of CBD/THC that you would find in high quality marijuana cigarettes, and provides all the same benefits that you love. It's the future for marijuana use in the USA.