Be At The Forefront Of The Medical Marijuana Revolution

Are you looking for an exciting new range that will bring benefits to your customers, as well as creating a new revenue stream for your store? The innovative marijuana products from Marijuana MD Inc are just what you need.

Our products have been carefully formulated by leading scientists in the field, with over half a century of experience between them. We have a proven track record of creating new delivery systems for medical products. Our products' effectiveness has been backed by research studies, and the data has been carefully analyzed. The results show that not only do our marijuana products carry significant benefits for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis, HIV/AIDS and many other conditions, they also avoid the health side effects that smoking marijuana can bring, such as coughing and lung infections.

Three Ways For Your Store To Sell Medical Marijuana

  • 'Happy Gum' chewing gum, in orange and cool mint flavors.
  • Sub-lingual tablets
  • E-liquids in bottles, suitable for E-cigs, E-cigars and E-pipes.

Attractive Packaging And Quality Products

We know that we have high quality products that are unique, and different to anything else available on the market. It's why we have a patent on our technology ( Patent # U.S. Patent # 8,372,381 B1). We also know that it's just as important that distributors like you can sell the product to as many people as possible. That's why our packaging is designed to be attractive and appealing. It's stylish and professional, and will catch the eye of everybody who enters your store. When they understand the medical benefits it can bring, they'll buy it – and then they'll be back for more. Our products will create a buzz on social media, and the market will grow and grow.

Our range is very competitively priced, to ensure that you can benefit from a substantial profit margin. To find out more about our range of products, and how they can make a real contribution to your store's success, contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.